What to do at Cavallo Island

enjoy the island in full relax

What you'll find at Cavallo Island

Cavallo Island is the perfect destination for a vacation in full relax and privacy, best lived at a slow pace for an immersive experience in its pristine nature.

Famous for its beaches and wonderful views, at Cavallo Island you can also enjoy fine cuisine, plan leisure activities, play sports or relax at a wellness centre.

up to 200 boats

The Touristic Port

At Cavallo Island you’ll find a touristic port with a capacity of 200 boats, all with a maximum length of 35 meters.

Each mooring is equipped with a supply of fresh water and electricity.

The port is also equipped with water inlets and electricity on the quayside, Wi-Fi service, divers, fire-fighting services, waste collection, weather service, toilets and showers, food supplies and more.

enjoy local cuisine

Where to eat at Cavallo Island

At Cavallo Island you will find restaurants at the luxurious Hotel les Pecheurs, which offers a combination of Corsican and Italian cuisine, and La Ferme, located at the heart of the island and surrounded by beautiful panorama.

At the Little Square (our Agency is here!) you will find a Bistro with pizza and Mediterranean cuisine, open during the whole season.

tennis or golf

Play sports

At Cavallo Island you will also have the chance to practice some sport. The Island has 2 tennis courts, close to the Hotel les Pecheurs. During the month of August, a federal coach is available for classes to both adults and children.

From Piantarella Bay you can also get to the famous Golf Club of the Sperone, one of the most spectacular clubs in Europe, as it faces directly the Bouches de Bonifacio.

boat trips, spa and sightseeing

Visit the Island and relax

To reach the farthest areas and discover the Island, you can move with an electric golf cart. If you wish to take a break and relax, you can also enjoy the Spa at Hotel les Pecheurs, available from June through August.

If you are looking for areas to discover, picturesque Bonifacio is an absolute must at Cavallo Island.

Moreover, you can also plan boat trips to admire the Island from the seaside!

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