How to get to Cavallo Island

our special offer for you

Fancy a helicopter transfer to Cavallo Island?

Our Real Estate Agency has partnered up with Corse Hélicoptère for a unique offer for you to get to Cavallo Island. If you intend to fly with Ryanair, note that there are flights available from Rome to Figari airport every Thursday and Sunday.

One way (in just 20 minutes!)

  • 5 Pax – from €800,00.

from piantarella or bonifacio

If you arrive from Corsica

From Corsica, you can get to Cavallo Island via Mini Ferry or Helicopter.

The Mini Ferry La Rotation leaves from Piantarella’s Port to Cavallo Island up to 7 times a day. You can get to Piantarella’s Port via car or taxi from Bonifacio (around 15 minutes). Bonifacio can be reached by car from any other port/airport in Corsica (Figari, Bastia, Ajaccio).

Note: cars are not allowed at Cavallo Island. If you wish to bring your car, you can leave it near Piantarella’s port (no private parking).

From Piantarella you can get to Cavallo Island through:

  • Rotation Normal – €20,00 per person; free of charge for children;
  • Rotation Special (upon private reservation) – €150,00 for up to 6 people, €20,00 for each additional person;
  • Rotation at night (upon private request) – only after 20:00 at €300,00 for up to 15 people.


Learn more about the Rotation Timetable.

The Helicopter transfer is available both from Figari Airport and Portovecchio.

1-way Helicopter fee (1 to 5 passengers):

  • from Figari: € 680,00
  • from Porto-Vecchio: € 1.045,00

from olbia or santa teresa di gallura

If you arrive from Sardinia

The fastest way to get to Cavallo Island from Sardinia is from Olbia Airport. From here, you can secure a 15-minute transfer via helicopter, directly to Cavallo Island.

If you wish to arrive by boat from Sardinia, you can do so from the port at Santa Teresa di Gallura. You can get here by bus or taxi from Olbia Airport.

Once you get to Corsica, you can take a mini ferry from Piantarella (Bonifacio) to Cavallo: 15 minutes, 20€ per passenger (ticket on board).

One way (about 1h30min):

  • Up to 4 Pax – €110,00;
  • Up to 8 Pax – €120,00;
  • Up to 16 Pax – €170,00 (mini van).

One way (about 20/30min):

  • Up to 5 Pax –  €400,00 + (VAT €30,00 + CCT €30,00 )
  • For more than 5 Pax – €70,00 + (VAT €15,40 ) per person.

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