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Discover villas, houses and properties for Rent on Cavallo Island, Corsica

The villas and properties for rent on Cavallo Island are among the most sought after summer estates. Why is this the case?
Above all, what makes the island so special is its naturalistic beauty and exclusivity. Indeed, it has been described the last pristine gem of the Mediterranean Sea. Cavallo Island – or Ile de Cavallo, in French – is a private island located in the Natural Reserve of the Bouches of Bonifacio, between Corsica and Sardinia. Stunning white sand, turquoise waters and luxurious marine wildlife make l’Ile the most spectacular summer vacation. Furthermore, the Island is at the center of some of the most scenic scuba diving spots. As a result, sighting colourful or rare fishes is common while snorkeling or swimming on the island. To preserve its unique wildlife and cristalline waters, islanders follows a strict set of rules: for example, only residents or guests are admitted the Island and no engine vehicles are allowed. More information on the code of conduct of the island can be found here.

live in touch with nature

The properties for sale on Cavallo Island are built by renowned architects with the intent of allowing the villas to be best integrated with the surrounding environment. In other words, architects wanted to guarantee a deep communion with nature without renouncing to luxury. Therefore, they have often built among the granite rocks or hidden in the maquis. In this way villas and estates on Cavallo Island are always sure to be guarantee privacy and tranquillity. As a result, the properties here are acclaimed as some of the most exquisite properties in the whole Mediterranean Sea.
Moreover, most houses can claim breathtaking sea views on the Strait of Bonifacio as well as private access to the white sand beaches of the island. Finally, the villas are often divided in smaller units, so that guest can enjoy their own privacy.

In conclusion, these qualities explain why the villas on Cavallo Island are among the most coveted holiday properties in Corsica and the best way to experience the Island.
Discover here our selection of properties on sale on Cavallo Island, as apartments and villas, to enjoy at best the comforts and experiences of the island.