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Helicopter transit to Cavallo Island

It is possible to get on the island by helicopter from the airports of Figari (Corsica) and Olbia (Sardinia). Live the best experience in Cavallo Island: book your helicopter transit now!

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The advantages of flying to Cavallo Island:

Undoubtedly, the best experience at Cavallo Island begins with an helicopter ride, since it offers many advantages: firstly, during the short flight you will be able to admire the amazing coastline and see-through turquoise waters of Corsica and Costa Smeralda. More than that, customers report that the best advantage of taking the helicopter transit to Cavallo Island is avoiding the annoying queues and waiting times of using other methods like the ferry or the taxi. Upon your arrival at the airport an expert helicopter driver will pick you up and drive you to the luxurious dedicated waiting areas in Olbia or Figari airports, served with restaurants, services and air conditioning. Following a 20 minutes flight, you will land directly in Cavallo Island.

Also consider that helicopter transit if by far the fastest way to reach Cavallo Island and the most flexible in terms of timetables. Furthermore, it might be the only transfer available to reach or to leave Cavallo Island in case of rough sea.

Use this link to access the location of Olbia Heliport on Google Maps. 

Last but not least, pictures of the breathtaking scenery are included in the price!

beautiful scenery from the helicopter transit to and from Cavallo Island